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What Does It Mean To Love?

How do you define love or the experience of it? What is it like to experience on your own on an intimate level? I do not imply literally but mentally and emotionally? Some associate love with enchanting sensations of butterflies in their tummy. They might talk about the sensations they feel when thinking of their beloved. But is love experienced with the mind, body or both? Is love a noun or a verb? How do we understand if we have truly loved? What is the measure of having completely devoted ourselves to love? I do not consider myself a specialist on love neither a relationship train. I am just as inquisitive as you are. What I understand is: love needs nothing of us due to the fact that it is an empty vessel to be filled up. This is the analogy for life itself, where love is never ever lost yet recirculated.

Is love genuine for you? Or does it feature requirements? What occurs when those demands are not satisfied, do you withhold your love for one more? Is it possible to keep the significance of who we are? Just how can we stop water flowing in a river? You might say: construct a damn. Nonetheless, if the dam is not strong enough, the pressure of the water will certainly locate its way with or around it. You’ve no doubt seen tsunamis on TV where whole villages are engulfed by water. Water is a powerful allegory for love because it can improve an individual’s life, yet it can also be damaging if it features conditions.

Do we need love in our lives? What does love use us in return? Is it intimacy with ourselves or knowing others better? It was St Francis of Assisi that as soon as stated: “It remains in considering that we get.” He checked out love as something to be flowed in order to penetrate our life and the lives of others. Love resembles the Sun that offers of its energy and asks nothing in return because it is self-sufficient. The more we give love, the more of it we have. It begs the question: what takes place when love is not reciprocated or the various other individual ceases to identify with love? If love is not returned, it does not decrease the various other person’s capacity to provide or get it. The Sun goes down every night and there is darkness for twelve hours. Yet, with the break of dawn, it re-emerges bringing energy to maintain life one more time. It is a cycle sewn into the fabric of life and so it is with love.


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