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Spirituality and also Same Sex Partnership

The one part of my life which I have never really checked out up until recently was exactly how I feel regarding same sex relationships. Years ago, in 1977 I had a radio show in Australia. This was 5 years before I opened the esoteric doorway. It was a 3 hr program every Friday morning and also I was the most prominent individual weekly on the radio. Mostly since individuals loved my English accent, and I understand now, that individuals were impacted by my power even after that, as one lady had actually claimed to me, you are so soothing on the radio! I needed to have a motif for my show, and I had actually listened to an opus which I just enjoyed, it was called Billitus, and also I was not to understand it was the music from a movie concerning lesbians! I simply loved the music. This opus played my show in and played it out. One day, I had a letter from a woman who informed me she loved my program as well as would certainly enjoy to fulfill me. Her name was Elizabeth and also she was wed with 2 kids. I prepared to satisfy her a few days after the letter showed up. (There was no email after that as far as I remember) We satisfied in the area, had a tasty lunch as well as chatted and also talked. Elizabeth appeared so wonderful and also invited me back to her home to see image’s of her children and also chat additionally. I went along quite innocently.

During my visit to her house, she made a cup of tea for me as well as took a seat at my feet. There she started to inform me just how much she enjoyed me, exactly how she enjoyed my program as well as wished to be with me. I did not know what to do, due to the fact that I certainly did not feel similarly. I also felt humiliated, deeply self-conscious. I was wed with children myself, I was not pleased in my marital relationship, yet the thought of being with an additional lady was YUK!! I could not leave your home fast enough. She had offered me a book by Karlil Gibran over our lunch, called “The Prophet” apparently I had actually pointed out on air I loved Gibran’s writing, and also did not have a publication.

I left guide behind in my effort to leave your house as rapidly as I could. When I obtained residence, I really felt ill, I additionally felt “dirty” as if I had actually been attacked. Elizabeth tried to contact me at the radio station by phone, yet I refused to take her telephone calls. She sent the Karlil Gibran book by mail, with a good card; I tossed it in the container. I can not think I did it now, yet at the time I was so overwhelmed as well as embarrassed. It was as if guide was a part of what had actually taken place. I transformed the music also in the show to something rather different. I shut the experience totally out of my mind and also got on with my life, relocating residence and also area a few years later on.

After my experience with Elizabeth, years passed without my needing to face the issue again. Meanwhile the Aids problem ended up being large, and after that waned off. It was considered if you were gay as these partnerships were referred to as, that you would certainly obtain Aids. Nonetheless, I was getting on with my life, experiencing an economic crisis where I was a major player, as well as finding metaphysics. I met numerous gay individuals during this moment, but went on the beyond their energy, as I was so frightened what had taken place before, would certainly happen again. When I ended up being a clairvoyant reader I had a couple of customers that were gay and the energy I transported for them was so filled with love and also understanding, but still myself, I had significant trouble in comprehending them. When Maitreya entered my life, one of the first things he started instructing me was love for all mankind no matter that. I had actually always had love in my heart for everyone, yet this problem of gay people was a huge block for me to manage.


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